Introducing Innovative Low-Dose Radiotherapy Treatment forOsteoarthritis in the UK!

We're thrilled to share some groundbreaking news for those seeking innovative solutions to chronic pain! Our practice will be offering a unique treatment: low-dose radiotherapy for osteoarthritis and joint pain of hips & knees, hands & wrists, shoulders & elbows, and feet & ankles. This represents a significant advancement in healthcare services in the UK providing a unique service that aims to alleviate pain and enhance patients' ability to resume normal activities.

Led by Dr Richard Shaffer, who underwent extensive training in Germany, where over
100,000 patients benefit annually from similar radiation therapy treatments, we are delighted
to bring this cutting-edge approach to pain management to the UK.

The versatility of this approach allows us to provide relief for patients dealing with
discomfort and limited mobility due to osteoarthritis in many joints.

This revolutionary treatment is specifically designed to address osteoarthritis in the following
areas of the body:

  1. Hand osteoarthritis, where patients often experience aching joints in the hands, wrists,
    and fingers.
  2. Knee joint osteoarthritis, offering a cure for knee joint pain.
  3. Hip osteoarthritis, providing effective relief from the pain associated with arthritic hip
    joint pain.
  4. Shoulder and elbow osteoarthritis, addressing the challenges posed by painful
    degenerative joint diseases (DJD).
  5. Foot and ankle osteoarthritis, including conditions like hallux limitus and hallux
    rigidus. Having seen the pain-relieving effects of low-dose radiation therapy treatment for patients,
    we are committed to sharing insights and information about this revolutionary treatment.
    In the coming months, a series of blog posts will address common questions and concerns
    surrounding this innovative service:
  6. Does it work, and how well?
  7. Is it safe, and what are the potential side effects? Does it pose a risk of cancer?
  8. Which patients can benefit from this treatment?
    … and more!

    Stay tuned for further informative posts, and if you or someone you know is struggling with
    chronic pain, don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Call us today and discover a new innovative approach to pain management that could
    transform your quality of life. Your path to relief starts here!
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