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What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that can be used in low doses to treat non-cancerous (benign) conditions, including osteoarthritis and tendon problems.

What is the treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Research highlights the effectiveness of radiotherapy in reducing osteoarthritis pain in roughly 7 out of 10 people.

Does the treatment hurt or have side effects?

During your radiotherapy treatment, you should not experience any side effects – it doesn’t make you feel drowsy or dizzy and it does not cause pain.

Some patients do experience dry skin after treatment.

Who is radiotherapy most suitable for?

Radiotherapy can be helfpul for anyone with painful osteoarthritis. 

About Joint Pain Practice

The Joint Pain Practice was founded to help people with painful osteoarthritis to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. We specialise in providing high quality, effective and safe low-dose radiotherapy treatments.

Dr Shaffer is a leading expert in the use of radiotherapy to treat benign conditions.

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