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Are you experiencing symptoms of arthritis?
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What is Radiotherapy and How Does it Work?

  • Low-dose radiotherapy uses very small and carefully controlled doses of radiation to help with different health issues such as osteoarthritis and joint pain. It works as an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving treatment.
  • It’s different from the stronger radiotherapy used for cancer because it uses much less radiation and is very unlikely to cause side-effects.
Body Map - Joint Pain Practice

Elbow - tennis elbow,
golfers elbow

Hand -
Dupuytren's disease,

Shoulder -
rotator cuff

Hip -
bursitis (GTPS)

Knee -

Foot and ankle
plantar fasciitis,
Achilles tendinopathy,
Ledderhose disease,
hallux rigidus

When to Consider Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy can be considered when regular ways of dealing with arthritis have not worked well enough

Here are some situations where you may consider radiotherapy

Persistent Pain and Inflammation

If you still have pain and swelling despite doing exercises and lifestyle changes.

Medications Aren't Enough

Where you've taken medicines like painkillers and anti-inflammatories but they haven't worked very well or are causing too many side-effects.

Symptoms Getting Worse

Sometimes the arthritis pain gets worse over time and you may be looking for a new type of treatment to help you.

don't Want Surgery

Often people are worried about the risks of surgery or about the difficult rehabilitation needed after the operation. Radiotherapy is a much milder option that still helps most people with their pain.

Why Choose Low-Dose Radiotherapy?


Recent research highlights that low-dose radiotherapy reduces pain from osteoarthritis in around 7 in 10 people.


Radiotherapy targets only the specific areas causing trouble in the wrist. This way, the surrounding areas are hardly affected during the process.

Pain Free

Low-dose radiotherapy is pain free and typically causes only a bit of redness or dry skin.

Relieve Pain

Be More Active

Sleep Better

Avoid Surgery

Dr Richard Shaffer

Meet Dr Shaffer

Dr Richard Shaffer, a renowned radiation oncologist in the UK, is a leading authority in using radiotherapy for addressing benign conditions. Since starting his practice in 2011, Dr Shaffer has successfully treated over 2000 patients with benign conditions. His impact goes beyond individual care, as he has played a crucial role in training and mentoring fellow physicians venturing into benign radiotherapy practices.

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